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How to change a kitchen flick mixer

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    Default How to change a kitchen flick mixer

    Hi Everyone

    How hard is it to change a flick mixer?

    I know you have to turn the water off at the mains but thats about it.

    Should i be able to do this or do i need to get a plumber. Mixer must have holes in the top of the spout as water is spraying out of the top.

    Could anyone give me a step by step process.



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    It may just be the filter that screws into the business end of the mixer outlet, they sometimes split and spray water out sideways.
    If its a newer installation then you should have mini cocks at the point where the mixer hoses screw on and its a fairly easy changeover, you may need a long reach socket or tube spanner to unscrew the nut holding the mixer down.
    If its an older installation and there are no mini cocks to turn off the water then you will need to turn it off at the mains and if you have a gravity feed hot water system then you will also need to drain the hot water. You may also find (if it's really old) that the taps connections have different threads and you may need to fit different adapters to the water pipes.

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    A flick mixer is supposed to have its own isolation valves aswell, and are not recommended for use with gravity fed HW systems......
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    There should be isolating taps under the sink, Depending on the type , some are held in place by two threaded rods with nuts , if its one of those then turn off the water ( under the sink if possable ) and undo hoses then undo the nuts on the rods from the bottom of the mixer, slide the collar down past the threaded rods, and slip it over one hose nut at a time , if you have copper pipes instead of hoses you may have to bend the pipe to get it through the collar, but don't worry most of the new mixers have braded hoses now and are easier to refit
    Now the mixer should just pull up and out the top.
    Take the old mixer with you when you get the new one and check the pipe threads and the diameter needed to fit the hole in the sink and the length of the hoses

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