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    Default natural gas pipework

    I am looking at installing a natural gas heater in a downstairs rumpus room at the back of my house. The back of he house is 2 storey (brick veneer on double brick) and front only 1 storey (bv). Current gas line is in the kitchen ceiling not far from the downstairs room.

    My question is can the pipework be run from the ceiling space down inside the wall cavities to the downstairs room, or is there no practical way to put the 90 degree join in to get it out of the wall. What if I removed a brick from the outside wall temporarily for access? Is the whole idea too hard to achieve? I would really like to have the gas line concealed within the wall rather than saddle clipped to the outside of it.

    All advice/ideas apreciated, thanks.

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    My advice would be to call a gas fitter/plumber and he would be able to give you a more accurate assessment of the situation.
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    There's no real reason why you cant have it done that way, however if the gas line is in the upstairs ceiling and its going to the downstairs wall then you are going a long long way and may need bigger pipes.

    If your going from the ground floor ceiling to the wall then it's time consuming but not really impossible. The pipe needs to go straight down from roof space to wall point to facilitate installation so you cant go through windows, vents or doors and you'll need to spend some time knocking the brickwork mortar dags off the inside of the wall.

    You should be able to knock a fairly small hole on the inside of the wall which you can patch later.

    If you talk to the plumber, you should be able to do all the non-gasfitting stuff yourself.

    Also if your putting a heater in you will need to make sure your room is adequately ventilated.
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    Thanks Bazza and Bricks.

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