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Plumbing- Shower Drain Help with Pics

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    Default Plumbing- Shower Drain Help with Pics

    I am about to start redoing the ensuite and need a little help with the drain. It appears to be a 125mm ID earthen pipe with some sort of crome and copper adaptor fitted to the inside.

    You can see the chrome ring in the pic, this goes straight down and is slipped into the inside edge of the clay pipe then adapts down to a smaller copper drain. This was on the origional tiles, the previous owners (whoe ledt the worst diy trails everywhere, my sparky almost had a heart attack) tiled straight over and just place a plastic grille with silicon over top of this one.

    I am keep the lay out the smae but am taking all the tiles up, getting it waterproofed will rescreed then tile.

    My question is, what is the best solution for the new drain, how do I go from the 125mm clay to say a 80mm square crome drain or better yet some thing like a wonder drain that has a puddle /leak control flange.

    If this is complicated I will get in a plumber, if it's just a matter of sliping in some thing I will do it. I'm just wanting to avoid having the plumber come until fit off as the taps are all staying the smae and thier is now vanity to do.

    All help much appreciated, I did try asking one of the plumbers at work but they do comm mech plumbing and just looked at me with a blank face.
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    If you are going top put down a new mortar base can't you fit whatevwer size and style of floor waste you like?

    I am going through the same process at the moment with the laundry reno. I was going to set a length of 100m PVC pipe in the earthenware pipe when I screed and then trim to the appropriate height and fit a 100mm square waste..... at least that the theory!

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