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Plumbing, Shower Tap & Rose Height?

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    Default Plumbing, Shower Tap & Rose Height?

    Hi guys,

    I'm part way though replacing my shower & need to lower the taps & rose outlet/elbow. The old shower was built on a timber plinth, about 250 ~ 300 above the floor. The replacement is now lowered to floor level.

    Is there a standard for this?
    Should I just aim for "about there" feels right?

    Horror photo's to be posted later.


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    Hi Steve

    First let me commend you on your fine choice of first names!

    I believe a call to your local REECE Plumbing or similar will answer your question for you - there are standards for such things though I dont have them in front of me right now. I measured the height of our shower taps and rose which are apparently " to code ".

    they are as follows:

    Taps 1050

    Rose 1850

    hope this helps

    have fun!!!

    Steve (the other one)

    ps. this might be a help, or at least a bit of fun

    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

    ....catchy phrase here

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