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Question about old concrete laundry tubs and their outlets…-

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    Default Question about old concrete laundry tubs and their outlets…-

    Hi, I just asked this question in the asbestos forum and was told that a better place would be the plumbing forum as most plumbers would know….image.jpgimage.jpg

    I just picked up an old laundry double trough sink from the side of the road.... I intend to recycle it by using it as a pond outside.. I understand that some water pipes contain asbestos and keeping in mind that this sink would be between 40 and 80 years old just wanted to know if is likely to contain asbestos in the sink or outlet... I could get it tested but the cost of testing Might as well buy a pond ready to go... I will be drilling a few holes in the side for piping.. Thanks... I believe highly unlikely but I have been caught out before with something I assumed was 100% safe.. Cheers .. Hopefully if it does contain it it is chrysotile (white) only.. I wouldn't usually be concerned aside from the fact that the base is quite broken...

    Please see photo

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    So as answered on the asbestos thread - likely a gal waste (could be brass or even bronze) , unlikely to contain asbestos, but could as it was cheap filler. Only way to know is to have it tested. That one is in poor condition, but for a pond then OK - and for a pond then asbestos which is bound like that is not a hazard. Only if you drill, saw, sand or otherwise make dust from it.
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