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Replacing Bathroom Tapware

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    Default Replacing Bathroom Tapware

    I would like to replace our 20 year old bathroom basin and bath taps.
    Does anybody know if I can just buy the taps of my choice and screw them into the existing pipes that are in the vanity unit, and wall over bath or are there differing fittings.
    Both the bath and basin have hot, cold and spout.
    If there are how do I know what I need to buy and do they vary from brand to brand. My current tapware is Donson which is no longer available.

    Thanks Macca

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    Jake Darvall
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    I'm no plumber. But I have done that a few times.

    Pretty straight forward really. The 1/2" copper pipes that run through your walls connect to a threaded pipe (3/4" ?) that is a standard thread.

    I don't know your situation entirely. But what I'd do is shut the water off, at the meter, somewhere out in your yard, or wherever it is. Open the taps, to drain all the water out. Then take to them with a shifting spanner. Just look for flat surfaces that will take that shifter and you'll dismantle them eventually.

    I'd just take these old fittings with you when you go shopping for the new taps etc. And just produce them to compare with the setups your considering to buy. Or just ask the sales bloke etc. Pretty straight forward though. Just, have to be prepared to have no water at home while your shopping.

    Get some plumbing tape while your out (white stuff) and just wrap those old threads heavily before winding on the new taps. If you don't do this well enough, you might get a leak into your walls. Not good. Heaps of tape, such that it takes a fair bit of grunt to wind the taps on is good. May take some trial and error.

    Then get your misses or whoever to turn on the tap on your command, out in the yard......'TURN IT ON NOW ! '........' WHAT ?! ' ........' I SAID, TURN IT ON ! ' .......' WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT! ITS ALREADY OFF!' :confused: ....

    goodluck (if you stuff it up, don't blame me, ok)

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    I just replaced the kitchen taps - same config as youre describing ..... just went to Mitre 10 and grabbed a set - not the actualy taps, just the tops and spout.

    have fun
    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

    ....catchy phrase here

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    Replacing the 3piece basin tap set will be a little tricky, but not impossible. Heaps easier if you can remove the vanity top to save getting in the cupboard. If you have copper connectors they may not fit the new tapware but with the variety of flexi connectors they are easy to replace.

    The wall tapware is easy enough, but you can get into trouble if the tap spindles vary in length and you may need to install spindle extensions etc. so the tap head doesnt bottom out on the flange. We dont use the white threadseal now on outlets but use loxseal instead because its foolproof.

    Dont use brute force.

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