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Toilet question

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    Default Toilet question

    I am thinking of having one of those toilets that attach to the wall and you can mop under them, can someone explain how they are fitted to the wall. Do I need to have studs at certain centres to attach the toliet to the wall. Also do they require a 100mm pipe attachment to the sewer so the wall has to have this pipe inside. I havent priced them yet but starting the second bathroom reno soon and need to have a mental picture how these are fitted so I can talk turkey with my plumber.

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    These installations require studs and a noggin positioned to suit a metal bracket supplied with the pan. The pan at fit off stage

    is then bolted to this bracket

    From memory the last one I did had an 80mm tight radius bend that fit inside your wall cavity and needed to be extended

    through the bottom plate to connect to drain.

    The cistern was also installed in the wall cavity

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