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toilet s trap and p trap

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    Default toilet s trap and p trap

    Hi guys I am after a new toilet and am trying to work out the s trap there is one I like it has an s trap of 240mm 20mm offset pan and collar or a 40mm offset pan and collar what I am asking is these would only work if I have an s trap of between 200mm and 280mm so if I had one at 150mm it would not work thanks for any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boily View Post
    Hi guys I am after a new toilet
    one I like it has an s trap of 240mm
    so if my present one is 150mm it would not work with the offset pan connectors at 20 and 40 mm
    Maybe, maybe not, of course you could get a Plumber to alter the outlet through the floor,
    or take the measurements to a Plumbing Supplies and ask them for a toilet to suit.

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