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Water tanks

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    Default Water tanks

    Looking at getting a plastic water tank but cant decide between corrugated or just plain sides. Got told today that the corrugated would get dirty easier and also attract mould also was told today not as strong? Is this true. Corrugated look a little better, though they are harder to get and not many places stock them. They is also usually a waiting period involved.

    We are looking at tanks around 5000-6000 litres.

    Any advice would be good.


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    We have a 10,500 litre poly corugated tank from RapidPlas at Tamworth.

    5000 litres is not a real big tank. Get in touch with them. delivery should not be a problem as they delivered mine to the Gold Coast about 12 months ago. Prices have shot up since then but a 5000 litre is a lot cheaper.

    Pleanty of people order, so you may have to join a que but quite a lot cancel or will not be available at home on the day it is to be delivered so you can jump the que.

    My estimated delivery was six months so I planned for that , the following week they told me that they were delivering the next week because of some cancellations and people not being available on that day.

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    We have both corro (14,500L) and straight side (9,000 & 2,000) versions of plastic tanks.

    Corro version collects dust (too damn dry to grow mould) and uses more plastic to make (more surface area) for no real structural benefit....but neither are stronger than the other. Especially when you are talking about such a small tank (ie 5000L)
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