Illustrious Forumites,

I'm wanting to turn my old Malley's stainless steel Laundry Tub & Cabinet around by 90deg so that a short side (instead of a long side) is against the wall. This will make enough room for a proper washing machine to fit alongside.

Trouble is, the Cabinet's door is on one of the long sides, such that if I turn the Tub around by 90deg, the said door will be blocked from opening by either a return in the wall on one side, or by the washing machine on the other.

I am therefore trying to find out whether there are any manufacturers out there who might be knocking up new slimline-style Tubs with Cabinets that might neatly fit under my existing Tub. If I can buy just the Cabinet off such a manufacturer, it should save me most of the $293 that it costs to buy a slimline Tub & Cabinet brand new.

My Malley's Tub measures approximately 560mm x 450mm.

I've so far looked at the ranges of Everhard, Clark, and Posh, but nothing I've yet seen is suitable. I will be dropping into Bunnings tomorrow to look at a brand they do called Estilo (can't find their website...)

Does anyone know of any other current brands of Laundry Tubs other than the usual suspects listed above?...

Many Thanks,