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Airtasker copping the flak

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    Default Airtasker copping the flak

    First it was "run Jimmy run" when a handyman from Airtasker flooded an apartment then bolted out the door, now it is an unlicensed electrician causing problems.


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    A while ago I had a look at Airtasker, thinking it may be a way to add some additional, using my skills.
    What I found was unrealistic expectations of work to be done for the dollars being offered. The one that sticks with me was a screen door repair and rewire, with the Airtasker to provide the wire and a front door light fitting replacement. No wiring, just the light shade sort of thing.
    Offering $30.00 for both jobs. This sort of thing was quite common, so I moved on.
    And.....your point is.....what exactly?

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    I wonder if any of those quoting websites work anymore.
    I used to get real good quotes from transport websites to move machinery interstate, but lately I don't bother anymore and ring the truck company directly.
    If I put a job up to move a machine, I get instant quotes in the order of double the normal price from individual with no background.The last time I used a website called truck it or something like that, the box with the engine in it came from Melbourne on a Mitsubishi van overloaded by 150%, and the box was on the passenger seat strapped with the seat belt. The guy was hysterical asking for additional payment because the box size I put in the description (as per the seller) was a few centimeters larger.
    Never again.
    “It is not necessary to accept everything as true, one must only accept it as necessary”
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