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cctv equip in roof

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    Default cctv equip in roof

    Hi guys I just want to know if it is safe to put my cctv equip like network switch and power supply in the roof because when you get the high temps in the summer it can reach over 50 degrees.

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    As like with all electrical equipment placing them into a hot area like the roof will shorten there life.... I would just run the cables into a closet or other unused space

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    I have some equipment in the roof space as well as in an unused part of a cupboard.. As they all say (as did m6) you can shorten the life of it..

    I would be happy with static / solid state equipment up there more then something like a mechanical hard drive like in a DVR..


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    Could you put a box over it and insulate to increase life? Maybe ventilate the box to living space.
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    Heat shortens the life of electronics. That's a given and applies to practically everything.

    It may well work fine, just not for as long as it otherwise would have.

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    Not my area of expertise, but if I had to do it... I would scrounge an old computer box with a working fan from the local computer repair dude.... Cover the box with styrofoam a couple of inch thick, lay the box on the side over the ceiling with the equipment inside it of course, drill a hole in the ceiling to feed the fan and ... voila! air conditioned equipment ... if you use aircon in your place that is.
    Come to think of it, you could place the box just as well over the kitchen cupboards, they usually have a moulding that may conceal it a tad....mm...place a potato in a vase and let it grow over the box to camouflage it? put the equipment in a terrarium with a brown snake inside it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boily View Post
    Hi guys I just want to know if it is safe to put my cctv equip like network switch and power supply in the roof because when you get the high temps in the summer it can reach over 50 degrees.
    As others have said "Heat affects electronic equipment" and often shortens its life.

    If the heat is not sufficient to destroy anything else, the main reason for "life shortening" in the (not so) long term is the drying out of electrolytic capacitors.
    Most electrolytic capacitors are not warranted for use at above 50 C - and ALL electrolytic capacitors dry out - eventually.

    A power supply is very likely to contain some large electrolytic capacitors.
    A network switch may contain only small electrolytic capacitors. If you know what you are doing, it MAY be possible to replace any small electrolytic capacitors with Tantalum capacitors.

    (While I am open to correction in this matter, I believe that Tantalum capacitors may better withstand hot conditions for longer and, therefore, last longer than electrolytic capacitors.)

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    The general fact of the matter has been covered already.
    However, depending on what your house is built out of/how far you're willing to go, you could work out some nifty workarounds.

    Double brick with a cavity? Run a bit of ducting that draws air from the most shaded cavity (and thus coolest) into a cabinet that houses the gear, with the outlet situated on the opposite side. Would need filters though, and regular checking as cavities have a heck of a lot of dust and muck to foul filters with.
    No cavity for passively cooled air to source? You'd have to look into increased cooling abilities in that case.

    Many years back when I was doing data cabling, my boss came up with the idea of having a dabble in the cctv market, as part of trying to shift some stuff we'd been lumped with.
    Part of it was to set up some cameras on a farmers property to catch the details of any fuel thieves that visited. Long story short, a camera was set up in an old shearers quarters, and the computer capturing the video was stuck in an abandoned fridge in said house.
    I shall point out that we were all very much inexperienced with this field, so the computer was just some lowrange desktop unit. Also, I was young (That's my excuse anyway!)
    Took us a visit to the site to work out why the computer wasn't able to be accessed remotely. Computer sealed into a small sealed space, insulated on top of that, makes for a very unhappy computer. Luckily computers are built so that when dangerous temperatures are reached, they shut down.

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