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Electrical cable in roof space and storage in the roof

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    Default Electrical cable in roof space and storage in the roof

    Hi All,
    I'd like to use the roof space in my garage to store some things, in particular some timber floor boards and a few large plastic containers that I store things in and my esky!

    When I look into the roof space I can see that the electrical cabling is strung across the roof touching the top side of the ceiling and going over the timber struts. It is not fixed to the timber etc.

    I was going to use some of the timber floor boards to make some slats, screw them in and store the timber on that.

    I was wondering what problems I may face if the electrical cables end up toching the stored wood loosley in places. Would this be a hazard? The electrical cabel is new, some only 12months old. I can't see it exposed anywhere when I have a quick visual inspection.



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    It should only be cables to light batons etc so I would move it. For me I would get some cable and a few junction boxes and cable clips. switch the garage power off, disconnect the cable that crosses the rafters and fit my new cable to the connections as it was. Then clip the cable to the side of the rafter and run it to the side of the garage. Do the same with the disconnected wire and find a convenient place to rejoin them in a junction box. The other way is to nail a cheap pine floor on your rafters with a space for your cable. That though will only work if the cable runs square. There is no issues with cable touching wood.

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