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    We've bought a new place, and I'll shortly be carving up the cupboards to fit space for a dishwasher.

    [Yes, I know there are those on the forum who prefer hand-washing...]

    Are there any plumbing or electrical rules that restrict the placement of a dishwasher under the sink? It just seems plausible that there might be.

    Obviously I'll need to make sure there is sufficient physical clearance, and the sparky will put the socket where-ever it should be. Just being paranoid, but I'd hate to chop up the cupboards and be told afterwards about some no-no.

    Thanks in advance,

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    just dont put the power point behind the dishwasher, put it in a cupboard to either side

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    We did the same project recently. My unqualified view is that I can't see any problems. Ours was offset to one side of centre to allow clearance for the drainpipe under the sink.

    I guess obviously the further offset the better in terms of not dripping water down the front of the dishwasher (more cleaning) & the inconvenience of not being able to use the sink while the dishwasher door is open.

    Hope this helps

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