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Generator battery issue

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    Default Generator battery issue

    Yesterday morning I replaced the starting battery in my generator as the old one wasn't holding a charge for very long.

    I absent mindedly attached the positive cable to the negative battery node and the negative to the positive. I didn't have the generator switched on or try to use it, and immediately swapped them to the right way. But when I tried the generator - zippo, zilch, nada - no generator no happy.

    Have I screwed up the electronics doing this? Does this do damage to the electrical system?

    (Or perhaps I may have pulled out a wire. I wanted to try out the battery outside of the generator before having it bolted down inside and I pulled the cables gently outside the generator.)

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    I doubt it as most electronics will take reverse polarity in that it won't work until the polarity is right.

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    Ta Bros - I'm hoping I pulled out a wire while jiggling things around. Like most things mechanical, they make things so difficult to get at - removing and replacing the battery is like a delicate piece of brain surgery!
    I'll have a poke around inside the generator case when I'm out at the land next to see if there is any loose wiring.

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    It's hard to diagnose from the info given. We'd need to know a lot more about the gen-set to even have a chance to give useful pointers over a forum.

    If you suspect that the reverse polarity may have damaged any of the electronics, I'd be using the senses of smell and sight initially. Electronics that has 'let the smoke out' has a very distinctive smell!
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    If your genny has any electronics in it ?
    And most do, then there is a good chance you have damaged them
    But with out a lot more info we cannot say much more.
    Best take it to a good dealer for repairs
    hope you got a fat wallet ?

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