Hi Guys,
I recently picked up a 6KW generator to act as back-up power for my house. Having suffered a few power outages of up to 36 hours in recent years I’ve decided to act. Working in the electricity industry for over a decade I’ve seen the aging of electricity infrastructure and cost reduction strategies leading to reduced maintenance.
A 6KW generator obviously has a fair amount of noise associated with it. I have gone for a ‘trade brand’ rather than one the higher end Honda/Yamaha which are known to be quitter – but they cost in the thousands and typically don’t have the higher end power without an even more ridiculous price – my renegade generator was $900. J
I have wired my board to accept the input from the generator – total cost of that was about $700.
Price and Power are right – noise not so right.
The manual says the generator is 80db – but it doesn’t say what distance – on the interwebs some are tested at 20 feet/5 metres. My target is to get it to 60db at 5 metres. Running it inside my garage gives me a result of 93-95db (on my iphone with the noise app)
It has a better than average muffler on it – looks like a half sized small car muffler as opposed to a lawn mower box type muffler.

I was interested if anyone has any experience with constructing a baffle box?
My plan was is…..
Remove existing muffler and put a motor cycle muffler on it and direct is upwards.
Create a 1m3 baffle box. This would be made of 25mm M/HD polystyrene foam sandwiched between 7mm ply sheets attached to a 70x35mm treated pine frame – with provision for double doors opening at the front for access.
The interior will be lined with acoustic ‘egg carton’ sound reducing foam.
I envisaged 2 fans. A low mount fan to draw cool air from outside and a second high mount fan to extract hot air. The muffler exiting the top of the box. I’m not sure about CFM capacity of these – and if one should be more powerful than the other – was essentially thinking 150mm fans – with one reversed.
I would also install a 12v wifi enable digital thermometer to monitor inside temperature to ensure that it operates within the manufacturers specifications.
From a mount perspective – I was thinking of mounting on a levelled treated pine sleeper deck – say 1.2x1.2 – with the frame mounted on 50mm HD rubber.
Anyone have any tips/suggestions/feedback?