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instant electric hot water system

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    Default instant electric hot water system

    gday, long time reader and first, or is that second? time posting!!

    I have nearly completed my shed after 3 years of waiting. it is a 11m deep by 9.15m wide american barn, divided into 3 bays accross and 3 bays deep. the centre rear bay has a mezzanine set at 2.4m high. the overall hight is about 4.8 m at the highest point with 2.4m at the outside eaves. the wiring should be finished within the week and then the next job is to paint the floor, then fit out with custom benches and then i can start playing in it. When $$$ permits i will be installing a tank with a pressure pump on it for water for the chook shed, dog water, vegie patch and shed water.

    now the boasting of my beloved shed is over my question is....

    i would like to have hot water in the shed but we do not have natural gas where i live and am trying to avoid having a gas bottle. i don't want an electric storage type as i don't want to be paying for the constant heating of the water when it won't be used enough to warrant it, so i quess my ideal solution would be an instant electric hot water system. it doesn't have to have a huge capacity as it will be mainly used for just washing hands etc. does anyone know if such a beast exists, and if so where do i get one from and what sort of price am i looking at?

    i have seen similar arrangements in asia for hot water for showers but have not ever seen one in australia.

    thanks for any info recieved


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    googles your friend,
    theres a good one for sale there.


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