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Low Energy Bulb Flicker

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    Default Low Energy Bulb Flicker

    Riddle me this.

    We've had the house totally rewired by an electrician. When I finally put light bulbs into the pendant type fitting, I used about half incandescent, half cheap low energy bulbs.

    We noticed very soon that the low energy bulbs flick when switched off. Maybe once every minute, like the bulb is getting current which builds up and then ignites the gas momentarily.

    I had the electrician back to check out the cause. He immediately expressed his hate for the low energy fittings, (as seems common) and tested the wiring with a multimeter.

    He couldn't find any current in the circuit switched off, and guessed that maybe the low energy bulbs were getting power by "induction" from the "live active" wires inside the ceiling rose itself.

    Any ideas about what might be going on in our house?

    thanks... tobot

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    Sounds like a crock of hot s$&t to me... But then again that's the same crock that low energy bulbs belong in too...

    Were they are cheap no name brand?

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    i have seen this somewhere too but cant recall where or when just that your situation rings a bell.
    if i can remember ill let you know. lol

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