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Not home renovation - electrical

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    Default Not home renovation - electrical

    Hi all,
    This is low voltage electrical and not home reno but looked the most appropriate place to put my question. SWMBO wrote off our old Subaru in which we had a DVD player installed. We salvaged the DVD player and screens along with the wiring harness, so all I need to do is plug it in the new Subaru and we are off. I wasn't there when it was pulled out of the old Roo though so don't know about the power wiring and didn't get any technical info with the installation. The wiring diagram on the player is as follows:
    RED/RCH (Happy with this one)
    WHITE/LCH (Happy with this one)
    BLACK/GND (Happy this is the ground but where to ground to?)

    I have three 12 volt sockets in the car so dedicating the one in the centre console isn't an issue and this is what we did last time. No additional wiring should be required.

    Hope you guys can help as the DVD player really keeps the kids happy, which makes me happy by default.

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    ground is earth which is connected to the negative terrminal of the battery. Connect a crimp on eye to this wire and screw it to something metal under the dash, you'll probbly find a couple of points under the dash that already have earth wires.

    The red ignition wire goes to the accesories terminal. You should be able to identify a wire that's live when the ignition switch is set to accessories.

    The yellow wire needs to be connected to a wire that's live all the time.

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