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PP under bath

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    Default PP under bath

    Building a new bathroom. The walls are brick. A pump for my spa bath will be located next to the bath, in the same room. The front edge of the bath, as usually, will be supported by a little wall that will be tiled. So the pump will be sitting behind that wall, not visible. The pump has standard plug to be plugged in a standard PP. The PP has been made in the brick wall under the bath. It's a standard double PP, same as in other rooms. Question: should the PP be water resistant (IP53)? As the walls around and above the bath are to be waterproofed, in theory no water should be present under the bath. However, what if? What do standards say? What is usual practice? I had a look at an IP53 PP and the box looks made of 2 parts that are joined using soft gasket. That makes the box water resistant, apart from the whole at the back, for the cables. Should the back half of the PP be cemented into the wall? Otherwise water can get in through the same hole as the cables. Thanks for any advice.

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    If it meets IPX4 rating and can only be accessed with tools a standard GPO is sufficient.

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