HI there,

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post.

My mum owns a Duplex property that is on one title, however there are two Electrical Meters.(each for one of the Duplexes) There is one supply of electricity only so I guess it then splits to the 2 meters. The home is 1920's and would have been wired a long time ago as the fuses are ceramic

The wiring is very old and we need to rewire one of the Duplexes ......Does anyone know:

-if I rewire one of the duplexes would I need to rewire the other as well by law?

-If I rewire one Duplex, would we need to upgrade the supply into the property .

-If we upgrade the supply into the property, can it be under the same arrangement i.e one supply from the street and then splitting into the 2 meters?

-Does anyone know of an electrician that can be reccomeded for double brick house in the south east suburbs of Melbounre

Apologises if the questions are ridiculous!

thx so much for anyones help