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What does this grey box do

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    Default What does this grey box do

    According to the installer and the card they sent us it is to monitor for future electricity needs.
    The installer gave me a story about joins in wiring breaking down over time.
    It appears not everyone is getting one.
    He did another one 5 houses away.


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    It's a GBBBD - Grey Boxed Big Brother Device
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    Absolutely no idea if this is the device installed but from the description it likely could be.

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    Do you know if your meter is remotely read (currently) and can you get power consumption usage data off your distributer ie: per minute or hour usage?

    If not, then I'm guessing it looks like it a remote reader of power consumption, current voltage and amps utilized....ties in with what Droog posted.

    Would be interesting to get an answer to my first question as if you currently dont have remote reads, funny how each state does things differently with the technology available.

    Vic rolled out Smart Meters many years ago and one of the great things about these (without adding on additional extras such as a module like yours) is the distributer can tell if:
    - you've lost power,
    - If you've lost power due to a planned notified outage or unplanned eg: a storm
    - integrated outage management systems generates an outage ticket automatically for it to be investigated
    - easily report exactly how many customers are off supply say from a storm that's swept through to the business and the regulator
    - Know what volts you are receiving to assist with ensuring its within the regulated settings (215v to 254v from memory). A range of factors come into play that can affect this
    - The built in smarts and other external system integrated algorithms alert the distributer if there is a faulty neutral that can result in your taps becoming live which obviously become a high priority to investigate asap. Prior to this capability, faulty neutrals could produce live taps for days, weeks or years which would only be discovered when the customer rang to report it.
    - .............and a few other functions

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    Looks like a voltage recorder. I work for a DNO and they basically just read voltage usually fitted where volts are likely to be low . The underground joints may be particularly old or the conductor may be small . The issue with these new car chargers is they are sensitive to both too much and too low voltage.

    I take it your local DNO is trying to collect data in regards to who and where car chargers can be fitted

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    Droog and Finnerz have nailed it. Thanks people.

    And Bart we have smart meters and no, not remotely read as yet.

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