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whats difference between 7/0.20 and 14/0.20 wire??

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    Default whats difference between 7/0.20 and 14/0.20 wire??

    installing a security system and get to choose between 7/0.20 and 14/0.20 wire, is there any difference between them besides the price? should i get one over the other?? and if so why??

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    One has twice the number of strands as the other (i.e. 14 strands of 0.2 wire as opposed to 7). The 14 strand will have a lower resistance/metre than the 7, so for long runs it would be better. However, being a security system I doubt you are dealing with high currents, so voltage drop probably won't be a big issue.

    Does the system manual stipulate what size cable should be used?
    Is there a substantial difference in price?

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    I think that means the number of strand times the conductor cross section area. More strands would mean lower resistance over the length and would be better for longer runs.
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