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275Sqm 4yro Blue Gum Deck - Which Oil? Spa N Deck or Integrain

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    Default 275Sqm 4yro Blue Gum Deck - Which Oil? Spa N Deck or Integrain

    Just bought a property five months ago and the deck hasnt been touched for 2 years.
    Its very grey in parts and fading in others. Prior to that they used cabots natural oil every 6 months.

    I dont want to have such a huge deck done very 6 months - so i was hoping every 2 years or something. To basically minimise time, energy and money of course!

    So after all my research on this forum, google and speaking to others i was sold on spa and deck Jarrah, but the decking guy who is gonna do the job for me has been advised (from his paint people) to use Integrain's Ultradeck which has hyrdroguard in it - argument is that it will soak into the wood more!

    Any humble advice?
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    Welcome to the forum and looks like your question hasn't received any responses. I think if you trawl through the archives you will find an enormous amount of opinion,suggestions and debate on which coating does what for how long for how easy or hard to use and so on and so on. There are a large number of oil based coatings only devotees. Likewise ,a large number who have chosen water based products.

    The two products that you have chosen are both water based so lets look at both of these. Let me stress that my comments are only ones opinion and it is up to you to sift through the various opinions to make your selection. I have come to the thinking that there is no absolute best product. Some definitely perform better than others on the longevity and ease of application versus the visual appearance that others present. Some just turn black,peel,blister ,delaminate and others just start fading badly around 4-6 months.

    By far the greatest challenge to these coatings is how much direct sun it gets on a daily basis. After that is rain,furniture being dragged,pot plants sitting direct with out air getting under,BBQ cylinders direct on the deck,kids,skateboards,drunks ,BBQ grease etc.

    There are no coatings that I am aware of that can last 2 years in full sun. nearly every company says something like annual maintenance or earlier may be required. A fairly broad and open sentence that is fairly close to the mark. I replace a lot of decking boards. To cart off the old boards in my truck I chop them into around 300mm pieces. I have looked at the internal grain to see how deep the products have soaked in. As it is hardwood I can't see where it has been soaked in at all. Cutek claims with its website graphics it does but it is based on oil. I do know that I havn't found a coating that I can't sand off and the sanding only removes around 1-1.5mm at most.

    It seems (to me) that most coatings just sit on the surface. I can easily sand Spa&deck and ultradeck. The idea that ultradeck has something in it that may let it soak in better may just do that. What is more important in my mind is how long will it hold up in full sun and not the soaking issue. I can only comment on what happens where I live sunshine coat SE Qld.
    3 coats of spa&deck in full sun satisfies most folks for 12-14 months. 4 coats in full sun seems to keep most folks happy for around 15-16 months. I recommend 4 coats everywhere in sun or under roofline and tell my customers to have a good look in 12 months as to whether they feel like it needs recoating. Most are still happy at 12 moths but not all. Everyone sees things differently and their expectations can be a little too much.

    If you get the Intergrain outdoor timber finish booklet they have a longevity graph. Ultradeck gets rated as just a little better than tradtional decking oil but quite away from decking oil stain and DWD.

    I have a number of small decks on my roof with various coatings that I watch( i know my life is boring) as I don't believe any of the brochures,promises and sales hype. Perhaps it is worth getting some small samples of both products and test it at you house first. I realise this will take more time that perhaps you don;t want to use.

    Not sure if this helps or adds to more confusion.

    jimj restore-a-deck

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    Like JIMJ we have done our own durability comparisons of most coatings technologies over the years and generally find oils either solvent or water based last 6-9 months in direct sun(regardless of brand claims!)
    Stain products in water or solvent based will last around 12-18 months under same conditions.
    As JIMJ said ,more coats will extend the life of the coating with the trade- off being a slightly more artificial look to your timber.

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    Thnks for both replies.

    The deck is 50% in full sun and the other 50% gets some shade but not all.
    Traffic is very low, but with the sun and the amount of rain weve been getting the deck has been getting hammered - see pic attached

    In regards to the integrain product - yeah the ultradeck doesnt stand up any where near the naturalstain they have or DWD - so i would go with natural stain over ultradeck.

    I just spoke to another company today called Qantum who do commercial decks for casinos and cafes and the like and they recommend using their UV "nano block" primer before using their "timber plus" decking. Similar pricing to the others so ive got some samples coming.

    Am I right with the high quality stains, that choosing the best is like splitting hairs?
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    Default spotted gum

    Also forgive me, the deck is actually spotted gum

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