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Bearer to post fastener | Termite repellent membrane

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    Default Bearer to post fastener | Termite repellent membrane

    Hi All,

    My apologies for the length and for asking two questions in a single post. My apologies also for my terminologies for being a newbie DIYer.
    I would like to seek for your expert advice regarding post to bearer fasteners and termite repellent membrane material.

    According to my draftsman drawing, my bearer must be fixed on top of the post. The bearers are double 90 x 45 H3 F7, and the post is 100 x 100 F7 H4. The joists are single 90 x 45 H3 F7. (I am from Victoria if that matters)
    This is for 6.7m x 3.3 m low level deck with an estimate of 450-600mm deck height.

    The joists are connected to a 190 x 45 ledger which is screw mounted to a brickwall.

    My question is for the bearer to post (stump) connection. If I use a T or L plate to fix the bearer to post, I can only fix the bearer on one side. The plate won’t flush on the other side because of the 10mm gap (90mm sitting on 100 mm). If I use a nail plate, I will have to bend it a bit for the 10mm gap. My option is to just mount the L or T plate on one side and bolt it through and through on the laminated bearer or ask the draftman if 90 x 90 is sufficient so the bearer is flush on the post, and I can use plates on both sides.

    Do you have any recommendation on how to better fasten the bearer?

    My other question is regarding the ledger. The draftsman noted that the ledger (waling plate) must have either a 25mm gap or apply a termite repellent membrane.
    May I ask for your expert advice for this material? What I found in my research are termite barriers. Which I find it hard to buy for minimal amount and seems to be installed by certified installers only.
    Does anyone have an idea regarding this requirement? Or perhaps an alternative material. I told my draftman that the ledger is already H3, why do I still need a termite membrane?


    Thank you in advance for your expert advice.

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    I would bet that 90mm posts are big enough, if you want to use that size ask your draftsman. It might be that h4 pine is more readily available in the 100mm unseasoned size where you are. In my area we can definitely get seasoned 90x90 posts in h4

    The connection between the post and the bearer should never be highly loaded - a bracket on one side would be more than enough.

    Also I believe it is allowable to slightly separate twin bearers so you could pack between them with 10mm timber to widen them to 100mm if you want.

    Regarding the termite membrane I think the purpose will also be to prevent termite entry into your existing dwelling via the new deck ledger, not just to protect the ledger. Your draftsman is probably referring to Kordon or something like it, which I have never found available for diy, but there is a paint on membrane you can get called term seal or something similar, maybe that would suffice.

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