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blending cypress post into iron bark

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    Default blending cypress post into iron bark

    Hi all

    Have just about completed my rear deck and need to coat it.

    The deck and hand rail have been made using Grey iron bark and the post are all Cypress pine. I intend to leave the deck a month or more before i coat it in a feast watson natural oil.

    I want to coat the cypress pine post now, to try and stop them cracking any further. My problem is that I want to try and colour the light coloured cypress post so they blend in with the iron bark colour.

    I have tried to stain the cypress post with Merbu decking stain but it turned out too dark,( they look like the old mission brown colour, very dark) so i want to sand them back and put something else on them to match the slightly red colour of the iron bark, does any body have any sujjestions?

    i have tried on a sample piece of post, brushing on the stain and then part wiping it off, this lloks better but is still a little brown compared to the iron bark but it still seems a little brown. can you mix stain together?

    Photos attached below



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    you can mix stain but the trouble is when you find a colour you like trying to replicate it....

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    Just another thought. Don't forget that when you oil the ironbark, it will change too. Make a test piece of both for your matching attempts.

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