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Cutek CD50 coming off??

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    Default Cutek CD50 coming off??

    Hi All,

    I have used Cutek CD50 with a tint on my spotted gum decking for a couple of years, 2 coats when the deck first went down and 2 coats last summer. Deck still looks great and its almost time to coat again, but I have noticed something a bit strange. We now have a 1 year old who likes to move around and when she is out on the deck she gets very dirty. When I broom the deck a lot of dust comes off. Now I know that its out doors and dusty but If I rub my hand on the deck a couple of times my hand is brown. I would like to know how to fix this, is this a cutek problem or do all tinted deck oils have the same issue. It seems worse on the floor of the deck, the screens on the side at a bit better. I am thinking about changing deck oil brands to see if something else is better, but up till now the cutek has been pretty easy to deal with. The deck oil is now around 10 months after coating.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as we want our daughter out on the deck but dont want to have to wash her clothes every time.

    thanks for your suggestions..

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    I had this issue with Cabots. The oil has gone and you are left with the pigment on the surface. 10 months is 4 months too long. Pressure wash it and recoat. Then recoat at 6 month intervals maximum. Or, scrap the tint completely and just use the cutek natural. The deck will go grey but there will be no pigment left behind

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    The tint should not be coming off after that time. If it was freshly treated one may expect some staining but not what you are describing. Did you clean the deck properly in-between coats and made sure there was no contamination between the two? If you do change the brands, you will also need to check how one reacts with the other and ensure they are compatible. You don't want to either have the same issue or have to sand the deck.
    Pigments offer UV protection but they should be in the timber pores and not sitting on top. Those that sit on top, wear unevenly...like if it was a painted surface.
    Pressure wash it as ringtail suggests and see if the colour continues to come off. If it continues to come off, check with the supplier and what they suggest the reason is.
    If you want the deck to go grey, IMO, don't treat it with anything and save yourself the money and effort in treating it with something that will breakdown quickly anyway.
    Depending on the size of your deck, it may be a good idea to do some test samples with different products to see not only the look, but how the products react, actual time between coats, rejuvenation process etc.
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