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Cutek vs Deck Doc/ Lanotec Timberseal

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    Default Cutek vs Deck Doc/ Lanotec Timberseal

    I'm restoring a deck which was previously coated with some sort of polyurethane which had started to peel. Have sanded back to bare timber and washed with oxalic acid and pressure washed. I got some sample pots of Cutek but it has made the wood go very dark. Not sure of the wood but unoiled the deck is your typical reddish brown colour. Would a Lanolin based product be better or is it a lack of tannins that is causing the wood to go very dark.

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    I recently built a hardwood deck. Before I finalised the timber I was going to use I got samples of various hardwood species and the recommended cutek colourtone sample pots for each one. Red Ironbark was a timber I sampled with Cutek.

    When I applied the sample colourtone to the ironbark it did go darker, which is expected as the colourtone has a dark tint (for the dark timber). To be honest I found it difficult to tell the difference between the cutek colourtones on red ironbark, however the Burnt Red colourtone did appear a little "redder".

    I'm not sure if this is what you experienced when you stated that Cutek made the wood go very dark; i.e. wood goes dark due to the dark tint in the colourtone.

    I have no experience with other products.

    On a side note, my deck was built with spotted gum with 2 coats of Cutek (Rustic Gold) applied on top. The timber is certainly darker than without oiling, but that is down to the colourtone.

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