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deacking over pavers

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    Default deacking over pavers

    hi guys, im currently in the process of re-doing my outdoor area and want to lay a deck over the existing pavers.
    the pavers are not on a slab they are sitting on the roar earth and have been some time so i dont think there going to move as they are all solid.
    im hoping to have the deck meet flush with the entries into the house and i dont have much of a step down to the pavers say <100mm.
    the pavers have good fall and drainage.

    i would like to move the pavers but i have poor access to this area and also want to avoid the work of ripping them up.

    my question is... could i make a frame out of battens and dyna bolt/screw them to the existing pavers then lay the deck over the top?
    or any other suggestions

    would love your help!


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    You don't have much height to play with.... I personally wouldn't be too keen on fixing to pavers just quietly.... How about digging out enough pavers so you can concrete in posts/stirrups at interval to support your framing??

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    yes i have thought about this, i think it may be the only option? as i dont have much room to play.

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