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Deck build - Thanks to this forum!

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    Default Deck build - Thanks to this forum!

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say thanks to the information and everyone's help on this forum. I've been slowly working away with learning and building a decking area at the rear of my property. My plans are to reclad the rear of my house from weatherboard to render, and install some french doors leading directly out on the deck to replace the existing window cavity (in process of restoring cedar sliding french doors). At this stage it certainly isn't finished, but at least the first section has been completed.

    The backyard is rather small and the house floorline is about 90cm above ground level. The window in the picture below is the lounge room and so I decided to go for french doors leading out to an outdoor area to be installed this year.

    The sub-structure is a bit over-engineered with 45*145mm treated pine as both the bearers and joists - however I went with this to try and reduce the bounce in the deck and provide some additional support for the plant boxes I planned for the end. Was a bit painful getting it level with the floorline of the house, but ended up working okay once I got the ledger attached to the brickwork. I also got some laminated merbau posts which I sat on the stumpwork with eventual aim of supporting the roof. The plant boxes are not only to provide blockage of the neighbours property but also as I cannot put the roof to 500 mm of the fence this filled the gap nicely. It is also lucky that the neighbours have no windows on this wall and are happy for me to build the deck so close to the fence.

    From here I started building plant boxes against the fence line - fully self contained. Housed with treated pine, the interior has pond liner, with a tube raised diagonally up exiting out the back to allow for water drainage. Intending to fill with stone at the base and then top soil with some jasmine to creep along the back and block out neighbours property. I faced these with colorbond I had lying around and to add a bit of difference to it.

    I ended up attaching boards with 50mm countersunk square head screws - came out a treat once I had a template to get me consistent. Hardest and most time consuming part was to put in the first board and get it in-line with the house. Reasoning to direct the boards adjacent to the house was to line them up with the floorboards inside. Went for 90mm merbau for lengths and 140mm for the border. Planning on installing some LED lighting in the 140mm border to enhance the plantboxes.

    As I'd been doing this after work each evening and all weekends, I wasn't really able to get assistance from friends who live nearby, so I became creative with putting up the roof and built a temporary support to hold up one side while I fastened to the fascia and noggin behind. This site was awesome for helping me screw noggins to the roof beams behind and then attach the roof to the noggin so that there was no unnecessary weight on the fascia's. So they are now bolted through and my test was to swing from one which luckily worked pretty well. And bolted the other end to the Merbau posts.

    Once I had the roof up (which was quite difficult being one person and having to adjust a few times). I put up some temporary shadecloth to provide a bit of cover while I work out there. Note, this pic is taken before I got the fourth rafter up. There are four now.

    Can see here is where I plan on putting the french doors so can just walk out on to the deck. I'm waiting before I put the french doors in before I finish off the border on the house side.

    Here's a view of the finished plant boxes filled and with plants. I've placed trellis along the back so that the plants can grow over the back and block out the neighbours.

    Although this deck isn't complete, I've learn alot about deck building and although i might change a few things, this has been one of the more enjoyable and worthwhile projects I've worked on in a long time. Eventually the deck will be extended to wrap around to the laundry door, and have some barriers around it, however the next stage is to get the french doors in. At this point I'm letting what I've done weather, and will be using Utemad's decking oiling guide.

    I'll post more as I have updates but again really want to thank everyone that contributes to this forum for their ideas and skills to help me work on my first real project. Any constructive feedback that you have would be appreciated.
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    Love your creativity. Great work.

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    Congratulations and well done on what has turned out to a be a great looking deck. There are many of us on the forum who wish they could build one that nice including me. That is what makes tthis a nice forum. If you are prepared to dig through and read you can find most answers to questions. Many others who read your posting will benefit tremendously from your project. Thanks for sharing it. I really like your planter box concept with the galvanised iron. It really compliments the project.

    jimj restore-a-deck

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    Thanks for the comprehensive posting. As mentioned, others will benefit from your effort. Well done on the deck etc it looks great.

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