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Deck Design?

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    Default Deck Design?

    Currently building 3 units and have come across a design issue for the decking for unit 3.
    This decking area has a great view (left of camera has a park on the opposite side of the road).

    Due to ground water we had to build up the slab height and as such a step down is required around the decking area.

    I've provided the deck/alfresco area from the builders plan, along with a few quick mocked up options.

    Options considered so far:

    1: As per builder plan - southern end (top of image) of alfresco has full length step down.
    2: Doorway only - step down only enough to cover the doorway opening from the slider.
    3: Doorway Plus - step down to cover the doorway opening from the slider and the fixed panel on the slider.
    4: Angled Step - Some style of angled step that covers the door opening without protruding too far along the southern end of the alfresco (top of image)

    What does the forum think?

    Any other potential options....?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20160731_171441-sml.jpg   unit-3-decking-options.pdf  

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