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    Hi all,

    In the deck plans the post are specified as 90x90mm treated pine F7 H4. One of the suppliers offered 90x90mm treated pine laminated GL8 CCA H4. Is the offered alternative suitable replacement for the specified material? Are the laminated post ok in the long term?


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    In my opinion, laminated posts are great! Nice and straight and long term durable.
    A lot of yards have issue just keeping their 90x90 KD TP Posts straight in their racks...
    For that reason we only stock the plastic wrapped "guaranteed straight" Kaituna (imported from Nelson NZ) production, and of the many laminated versions out there, we are starting to keep eXtreme Posts, which are the only ones we can get a written "in ground durable" warranty for...

    For added durability, coat them with Gripset Betta
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