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deck stumps

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    Default deck stumps

    I am about to build a deck
    about 900mm above ground
    should i put stumps in ground
    with conctrete or
    should i buy metal brackets
    put in concrete and then posts
    on top

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    Or timber stumps on timber or premade concrete pads.
    Peter Clarkson


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    I always go the stirrup way. I'm not a fan of wood directly in ground. Get a stirrup with a 400 long leg.

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    Stumps in the ground like 150 dia copper logs is cheaper than stirrups and 90 x 90 posts .they also provide a degree of bracing that stirrups dont provide..
    Your better off with stirrups if you have a handrail cause you can run your posts right up and get a stiffer handrail than bolting to the joist
    posts on stirrups have to last longer
    The only time for your height that we would use coppers is if the deck is larger and we want the bracing or if there is no handrail and the customer wants the saving

    Every job is different but from a diy point i think stirrups is easier as you can take your time and don't have to brace all the stumps and pre work out approx lengths to cut them all at

    If using coppers try not to cut the original end off and stick that one in the ground as the treatment will be better than if you cut it..

    cheers utemad

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