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    Hi I want to put a deck over the pebblecrete and paved area as seen in pic attached. could I place joists across the pavers and across the pebblecrete at the right height, and lay hardwood deck all over the top of it? The pebble area is undercover, but the paved area is open to the sky. Im guessing the weight of the wood would also hold the whole thing in place so there would be little need for any fixings? Could the joists be just treated H4 directly laying on the pavers? Please advise. Thanks, Edward.
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    From what I can guess you have a clearance of some 60 or 70 mm over the pebbelcrete and no much more over the pavers.
    You have to be very determined to build a deck as low as that. Forget no fixings, in your case you have to make sure you have something to fix to. If those pavers are set on sand you will have to dig up holes to concrete in some sort of support to bolt battens to.
    No fixing that is building some sort of flat frame sitting on the ground means that the timber that will inevitably twist and turn will lift the frame and make it bounce and rattle at each step you take.
    It's a pig of a job. Not impossible but a real stretch.
    Now ...what was that tile that looks like decking again?
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