If you use a water based decking oil, how long do they work for before the deck goes grey and ugly and you have to recoat??? , because you have to sand the deck before you recoat with the water based products, don't you??????
I'm stuck with an opened can of INTERGRAIN Ultra deck and wondering how long before the deck will need a recoat and if you have to sand it first. Or do these water based coatings retain the clolour and beaty of the deck for longer?

If you have to sand before you recoat every time, I think I might bite the bullet and waste the INTERGRAIN by not using it and buy some feast watson decking oil. But I've already treated the endcuts where two boards are joined with the Ultra Deck and gotten a little on the top surface of every join - meaning a decking OIL might not soak in there and the whole thing will look ugly cos of the joins. If I sand the joins will they go back to brown after a while and blend in or will they stand out???

Any help appreciated.