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    Default extending deck

    Hi guys
    I'm about to extend a deck out another 2.5m ,my question is how do I attach the new joist to the old joist ? The existing joist are sitting on a beam cantilevered past about 200mm , can I just attach a ledger plate to the ends of the joist or do I need to run the new joist alongside the existing and bolt together, just trying to avoid having to stagger my decking nails
    . cheers

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    You could cut back overhanging original joists and decking so that new joists sit inline with old and can rest on original bearer (assuming it's in good nick). You could put in a new bearer row where the original joists over hang and sit old and new joists on that. You shouldn't have a join between old and new joists that is not supported by a bearer unless you support each join with laminated timber all the way from old bearer to new bearer further out. Probably more trouble than the first two options. I reckon the first option would look more seamless. Hope that makes sense. By the way, which direction is the decking running?

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