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extending a deck

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    Default extending a deck

    Hi, I am removing my front steps of my verandah and would like to extend the deck out in a triangular fashion to meet up with one of the existing stair posts. So the new bearers will be attached from my verandah to the existing post at about a 60 degree angle from the exisisting bearers. Is there a bracket available to attach a bearer to a post and the existing bearer ? Or is there a much simpler way of doing this?

    Krgds TJ

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    gday thejup

    how about some pictures or a drawing? what size are your bearers? what timber are you using? dunno what is available off the shelf for joining bearers. i would be looking to over-engineer it of course maybe some 6mm unequal angle 100mm deep on the long side, cut on the short side and bent into shape then bolted to both bearers

    r's brynk

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