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frameless glass fence on decking

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    Question frameless glass fence on decking

    So i finally managed to put together my deck. Looks awesome. I have to put in a fence though. I decided on frameless glass and found a good deal near Sydney. All arrived no worries. I set out a stringline, drilled my holes and fixed my spigots to the deck.
    I was so excited I invited some mates over for a glass fixing party. It only cost me two cases of beer but I failed to get a single pane installed!
    Guess what, my stringline wasn't as accurate as I thought, a couple of mm out and the huge glass panels don't fit!!

    Does anyone have a sensible idea for how to fix this - not too keen on fixing the spigots to the glass first, placing them and then fixing - the panes are 45kg each and fragile!

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    Make a template from timber to use set it up to do two panels at once so you can check your alignment

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