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Framing nailer for laying decking

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    Default Framing nailer for laying decking


    I have a GMC framing nailer and had high hopes of using it to install treated pine decking on to treated pine joists. I have since read every where that this seems to be a bad idea.

    I plan to paint the decking and do not mind the look of the D shaped headed nails. If I can get the depth right and consistent and use the right nails, is there anything actually wrong with using a framing nailer to install decking?

    All opinions appreciated.

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    id say it would be very likly to split the boards around nails and especialy butt joins

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    Framing nails are smooth shanked, will pop out over time. If you can get ribbed nails will have better luck, but will also leave marks on deckboards from nose piece.

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    if you must and your framer takes paslode format framing nails then your best option is 65mm dekfast nails .. they come in boxes of 1000 and 3000 i think.. assuming your framer has a spiked nose piece then you will need to wrap a couple of layer of electrical tap over the spikes to lessen the marks on the boards.. this isn't the way we'd lay a pine deck but it would be avaerage contractor std and the best you can do withy your chosen gun.. the nails heads are almost round but your piston driver in the gun will still leave a D impression if it hits the boards face

    cheers utemad

    ps these nails are ring shanked and designed for pine decking to pine joists

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