I've just purchased some decking tiles from Freedom Furniture (they were on special ) for a small balcony (2x3m) which I want to stain to match the "black japan" stained floorboards of the interior of the apartment (Feast Watson recommended 7:3 black/teak Prooftint wood stain + gloss polyurethane varnish) .

The leaflet gives the wood as Bangkirar Hardwood from Indonesia
"Bangkirar is a fall down material from other timber products which would otherwise be wasted (ie scrap). The use of fall down material is an environmentally friendly practice (hmmm - not if the rest of the tree was a protected species ). Bangkirar timber has an innate strength and high natural durability."

Apparently it is suitable for decking oils and therefore I presume wood stains - should I just stain them the same as the floorboards or mix the stain with some decking oil to give durability.