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Help with balustrade cable run

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    Default Help with balustrade cable run


    I've just put up a balustrade and running wire rope between the posts. I used T blade brackets to match the new patio posts, but didn't really think ahead with wire rope position. The run going down the stairs is fine I can just drill perpendicular through the bracket, but the run at the top returning to the patio posts will have the T blade parallel with the wire rope. I am using coach screw type anchors for the wire rope not saddles so they would be right on the metal T blade in the centre of the post, and the rope would need to pass through on the intermediate post also. Would you;

    a) offset the rope to the centre of one side of the T blade, It's a 115mm post so plenty of meat either side. It would be the easiest option but I don’t know how it would look?
    b) Drill right next to t blade, bolts would only have 3/4 of a hole to anchor in essentially if you know what I mean...not sure if they would hold.
    c) drill and tap the 10mm wide T blade bracket to take a rope anchor bolt. I would also need to try and drill a 4mm hole through the bracket to allow rope to pass through, probably weakening it too much I’m guessing.

    Any other ideas?

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    You could buy the short M6 or M5 eyes that they use when posts are steel, then drill and tap the T blade. Won’t weaken it much at all.

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