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How to attach custom screen blinds

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    Default How to attach custom screen blinds

    Hi, I am hoping to get some advice/thoughts about how to go about this build. I have a lot of projects on the go, so I am hoping this forum is friendly towards people who want to learn as I would like to participate heavily.

    Hopefully the title to this one isn’t too misleading. I also hope I explain the situation well and the reader’s are able to understand.

    I have a very large back deck constructed of merbau. The deck is 6.5m wide, 13m long, with a 250mm wide bar rail running all the way across. The balustrade is constructed with 90x90mm merbau posts and tensioned wire.

    I want to enclose the whole thing with roller blinds made with pawgard (a mesh product designed to keep cats in and snakes and other critters out - see link for product description https://catnets.com.au/collections/paw-guard. I purchased some cheap fly screen blinds (from Bunnings of course), so I could rip these apart and reconstruct my own blinds with the pawgard.

    The roof of this deck is made out of colourbond material sandwiched in between polystyrene foam. I am sorry but I don’t know what it is called. This is my first problem. It is not exactly ideal material to bust a couple of screws in to attach anything with any weight really. But on the right and left side of the deck it is the only material I have to work with. The roof also runs on a slight angle which means attaching several lengths of pine directly to it and then attaching the blinds to the pine wont be an option, because the blinds won’t roll up properly.

    Here are some of the options I thought about (and please don’t shoot me, as I am not a builder or a trades person. I just watch a lot of YouTube vids).

    • I thought about using some left over lengths of merbau decking (140mm wide), then attaching brackets to the underside of the roof and attaching the decking board to this. Then attaching the blind to the merbau on a straight line. The decking board is pretty heavy and I don’t know whether the roof will support it.
    • Attaching lengths of pine directly to the underside of the roof and then attaching hardy flex eaves material to the pine and then attaching the blinds on a straight line on to the hardy flex.
    • Attaching lengths of pine to brackets mounted on the underside of the roof and then attaching the blinds to the pine on a straight line.

    This is just one of many problems associated with this build, but I want to get the two sides done before I get to the front.

    I hope I have explained the situation well enough and the photos give readers a basic understanding. Please feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer. I have also posted this to the Bunnings Workshop community just in case anyone is a member there too.
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    Hi, you have pretty much exactly what we have, same size and same material. I am assuming the photo is looking out the left hand end.
    I think the first issue is that the slope of the roof ( the pitch or the fall ) means that a roller blind wont roll up or down if fixed to the roof and at the same angle as the roof. You will need to mount the blind horizontal and then put a fixed panel above the blind up to the roof.
    The next issue I see is that 6.5m is very wide for a blind, you probably need to use at least two blinds and put a centre post(s) in, or get the blinds that zip together. But is still a very wide area and may blow about in the wind. A centre post will give you a place to anchor the blind to and stop it flapping about too much, but it is not that nice aesthetically.

    I think that you will need a steel or aluminium rectangular section, hard up under the roof on the outside edge and running level across to the house and fix the blind to that. You will be able to get good fixing at the post and on the house ( what is the wall made of? ) and depending on the size of the beam you may or may not need a centre post to stop it sagging.

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    Hi Justanovice,
    I just came across your post. In looking at your outdoor area, even though this may interfere with your beautiful view, i think i would build a frame the entire width, and brake down into sections similar to your balustrade posts . The top, bottom and middle plates would ideally run all the way through the entire span for strength, however two seperate frames would most likely be more practical. The top would need to be constructed as a raked frame and infill material added. This would allow your blinds to be installed level. Ideally your fixings would be to top of handrail and regular fixings say with top plate all the way through top plate, foam panel and top of rib off panel and sealed externally with a rubber seal. By fixing the blinds like this, that should stop the blinds falling laterally and break down your proposed blind span widths. I recommend to paint all materials prior to constructing also. If you require any blinds made up, we are an online blinds business and can ship Australia wide. Currently we are only selling roller blinds online, however our custom range is much larger.
    Good luck with your project.

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