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    Hi guys,
    As i am building a low deck I will be using joists hangers in between the bearers (6.7m*4.2m). As there is going to be a lot of joist hangers and subsequently alot of nails I was wondering if bolts can be used instead. I was thinking of using a bolt on either side of the hanger which would go through the bearer and attach the joist hanger on the other side?? This would mean using 2 bolts and approx 8nails for every two joist hangers instead of approx 24nails for every two joist hangers.

    I will be using hardwood bearers which will be 2 90*45.

    Any thoughts on whether this is ok - or would it just work out more expensive for the small amount of time saved??

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    Nope, cant be done - well, shouldn't be done. I reckon it would take longer to drill your holes and tighten the bolts than to drive the nails - and cost more, and not comply.

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    Assuming you are using TP joists/bearers. - Its a snack. - dont be scared of them. - once you get the hang of it you ill knock them in in 3 hits each. My father and I did 20 nails into 30 joist hangers in about 2 hours. (and he's old)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micmac View Post
    My father and I did 20 nails into 30 joist hangers in about 2 hours. (and he's old)
    An 'oldy' but a goody though!!!
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    Just use the right nails IMO...

    Use pryda clouts made specifically for the hangers and it will be spot on. With the wrong clouts you can get squeaking and movement (from my, albeit, limited experience)

    The brackets are engineered for nails and work a treat as long as the correct gauge nails are used, and enough fasteners are used per bracket...

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