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    Default Lighting

    Yep - me again!!!

    Just looking for ideas on lighting - both deck and pergola.

    There are a lot of LED lights on the market now, designed to be installed into the deck pointing upwards and to provide an "effect" or mood type of lighting.
    Has anyone installed these? Good? Bad? Any pictures to share?

    How about lighting under the pergola? Something that will highlight the timber colour of the deck would be great.
    Do you use a couple of spotlights? (Don't forget the important one shining on the bbq...) or something more sophisticated? Low voltage downlights? Track mounted small spotlights? Wall mounted up/down lights?
    Again if anyone has pictures I'd love to see them!


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    I've got down lights in the bulkhead/eaves and stainless lights installed on the trimmer pointing towards the deck. They look identical to low voltage lights but they're 240v, no transformer. The down lights were only $7 each and few bucks more will get you stainless down lights. A sparky tells me that low voltage are better, and they're about the same price. Of course you can pay more and you'd probably get a better product.
    The stainless ones I've got on the trimmer are very heavy and good quality, but I got them off a mate for nix. I'd imagine they're worth quite a bit more.
    I've got a pair of cheap 150 watt spotlights on the pergola post, that lights up the yard and the BBQ as well.
    Here's a pic from this post.
    Cheers, John

    Short Stack (my son's band)

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