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Low Level Deck

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    Question Low Level Deck


    I have been asked to build a free standing low level deck / boardwalk for the house which leads out the back. The size is 1 meter wide by 2.5 meters long and is is set at a finished height of 90mm off the ground. I have got some decking boards (70mm merbau) from a relative so all i need to buy is the posts and joists.

    What I am after is some advice as to setting up the frame for the deck. Should i be using posts and a 'bearer less' construction? Also could anyone offer any advice/sketch as to setting up the frame for the deck?


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    what is the ground you are going into? or is it over a concrete slab?

    the first thing that springs to mind is using concrete strip-footings as bearers.
    the second thing that springs to mind is your joists will need to be wet-rot resistant.
    the third thing that springs to mind is you'll have to sterilise the ground or use extensive weedmatting over a bed of compacted sand to ensure it doesn't turn into a nice raised-level patch of grass

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    I have a similar requirement in Murrumba Downs, can anyone recommend a builder/deck person?

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