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Low level deck - second opinion need.

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    Default Low level deck - second opinion need.

    Working out what is needed for my next home project and just need a second opinion on sizes etc.
    Deck will be low level 300350 from ground max and 86600x6000mm
    All timber will be hard wood
    Do the sizes in the image below look ok?



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    I'd be using 100x100 posts.

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    I'm assuming that when you say "all timber will be hardwood", the supports will be F15 hard wood? I was just going to mention that unless you are getting red gum (which costs a squillion), hardwood is mixed. What you end up getting is timber that has the same lifespan as treated pine, plus the hassles of installing decking on hardwood. So a lot of timber merchants I have talked to either avoid stocking hardwood and/or insist on treated pine.
    Either way, below you will see is AS1684 with F5/F7 specs. The supports are rightsized to AS requirements which should give you a comparison and cost. Similar to Stevoh, I would go 90x90. I would also consider 5mm gap not 3mm.

    Timber Requirements
    Bearer - 2 x 140x45 F5 TP laminated, 60mtrs @ $5.85 Cost $351
    Joist - 140x45 F5 TP at 428.6mm centres, 129.9mtrs @ $5.85 Cost $759.915
    Decking - 90x19mm wide board with 5mm gap, 602mtrs (incl 10% waste) @ $4.85 Cost $2919.7
    Total Timber Cost $4030.615
    Screw and Support Cost
    Decking Screws - 50mm 10g screws 2 per joist, 6 boxes of 500 @ $60 Cost $360
    Supports - 300x90 Stirrups, 20 stirrups @ $8 Cost $160
    Concrete - 0.92m3 concrete delivered, 0.92 m3 @ $340 Cost $312.48
    Total Support Cost $832.48
    Total Project Cost $4863.09
    Support Detail
    Bearers - 5 with a bearer span of 1800mm supported by 300x90 Stirrups
    Joists - 15 spaced at 428.5mm centers
    Concrete - 20 holes 300x650 wide and deep

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    Forgot to mention I was using stirrups. Calculator wouldn't let me select that option.
    So apart from the stumps does it look correct?
    If I'm on the right track I will know if I have got my head around the span tables and will be able to calculate for different sizes and wood types depending on what is available localy.

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