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Making decking weatherproof.

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    Post Making decking weatherproof.

    I have decking boards as flooring on a balcony. This balcony is located over a doorway below. I wanted to stop water from coming through the decking when raining. The balcony does have a roof over but rain still gets blown onto the decking boards and drips through.
    The underside of my balcony is clad with boards as well, so I wasn’t concerned about removing air circulation to the underside of the boards.

    I post the following process that I have just completed in case anyone else has a similar problem.
    Firstly there is a reason why boards are not butted up against each other. This is to allow movement and allow air flow to prevent rotting.

    My process:
    1. Wash the deck, especially in sides of the gap to be filled to ensure sealant bonded to sides of boards.
    2. Push gap filler foam rod into gap to about 10mm depth.
    4. Tape surface of boards each side of gap to be filled.
    3. Gun sealant into gap over the foam filler rod. (I chose coloured No More Gaps (Selleys) acrylic sealant over silicone as it is paintable. It is also flexible and UV resistant.)
    4. Smooth off sealant so it sits below level of boards. (My preference)

    Good prepping is worthwhile to get a better result.

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    sounds like alot of effort, does water now pool on top of the deck?

    I want to do a similar thing, I intend to just put a sheet of colourbond roofing on the underside of the decking boards and angle it down away from the house, so that any rain goes through the decking as per normal but just hits the colourbond and drains away.

    something similar to this
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    Good idea. Might consider using something similar on my other decked balcony where i have a downpipe to collect the water.

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