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    I bought some pre-oiled Merabu decking boards from bunnings. I am not using it for decking but for a breakfast shelf in the outdoor area. Do I need to oil it or paint it again and if so what is better oil or paint and what type of oil or paint? It will get a lot of sun and will be exposed to the rain.

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    Get a can of oil, any time you see it a bit dull, give it a rub with more oil on a rag. What you will find is it will be every couple of weeks to start off with, but that will start to stretch in time.

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    You will find there are good and bad sides to oiling and painting.

    Oil is good because you can have a natural timber look and feel, in addition to colouring the timber to what would suit your outdoor area. If you maintain the oil as needed (depending on the sun) you will always have a nice finish and look after your wood. If by some chance you get lazy (and we all do) then you can simply clean the wood to bring back the natural timber tone and re-oil again - its that easy. Oil does not last as long in the sun as barrier protection though - the UV really kills it so you will find that there is a shorter time between maintenance intervals.

    Paint on the other hand forms a barrier protection that will outlast oil. However, if using fully pigmented paint, you will not have a natural timber look and will hide the grain. Paint will also crack and peel in time and you will find that its much more difficult to remove barrier coatings such as paint or clear coats and depending on what you want to do, you will be scraping old paint off, possibly sanding and starting again. As stated, paint often outlasts oil in terms of maintenance intervals, its just a bugger to deal with if its not maintained.

    Personally, I like oil because you get a nice natural timber look, you can change colours if you like and maintenance is very easy. Should you neglect the maintenance, often simply clean and oil again

    Hope that helps a little - Im sure others will correct any bad info I may have passed on.

    Since I'm and oil person, I can only go with what Ive discovered in research and reading on here and that would be Feast Watson tends to be a good overall performer.

    Im not really a paint expert but id imagine any good quality brand of paint and the proper surface preparation should see you through.

    Keep reading through these forums, theres alot of really good information on here if youve got some time to sit down and go through it, and some experts who are willing to offer great advice.



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