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Merbau coating - Failure TWICE

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    Unhappy Merbau coating - Failure TWICE

    We have a very large deck and 5 br house constructed of Merbau Weatherboards and Decking. When the timber was new, we washed it down with Intergrain Reviva, and applied two coats of Intergrain Natures Timber oil before constuction and a final coat when weatherboards and decking were in place. Looked great initially. Then the deck and the weatherboards turned purple/black in colour within 6 months. We decided to remove the oil with a commercial napisan type of product which, on the weatherboards involved hand applying the product mixed in hot water, being careful it did not run and cause bleaching marks and gurneying off. We then applied a marine grade acrylic to the clean timber weatherboards. Again this looked great initially. This has also broken down and failed to remain on the merbau, faded away into a pattern that you would think we had missed applying the acylic product evenly even though it had 3 coats. Some parts of the weatherboards still have product on it and some parts are back to the bare timber, grey in appearance. Whilst the Intergrain rep is coming to have a look at what is left of the purple/black oil (we have only cleaned half the house off) and also the seller of the marine grade acrylic used on half the house as well, we are now downing tools, totally confused as to whether we clean what remains of both products now and PAINT the merbau weatherboards or is there a product out there that will adhere to Merbau weatherboards and last atleast 2 years. The degree of difficulty in accessing some sections of the house (13 metres off the ground) makes longevity extremely important to us. HELP Please.
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    Sue....I do recall a Cabots (?) product from about 20 years ago that was guaranteed for 10 years and looked bloody good on WR Cedar but Merbau is another kettle of custard. If thee were me I'd have left it for six months to bleed out a bit and settle into its place. If I were to oil it then I'd have lobbed on a coat of oil product specifically suited for green timber whilst it was drying out but otherwise nada for six months. Then give it a rip with your final product.

    I've used the Intergrain product extensively on our house and have not a problem with it...but I know that it needs frequent (every two years max.) maintenance. So it's not what I'd have picked in your application. In your position, I'd have perused the Sikkens range of product.
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    Have a look at Flood's spas & decks. Guaranteed for 4 years on fertical surfaces from memory, I have used on decks and windows and doors and am very happy with wear over 4 years.

    However, I think it is the preparation and letting the tannins out that are the key. I let my decks age for 6-12 months unless it is a build and sell. And regardless of either I use oxyilc acid wash and nappysan wash to prep it.

    Good luck

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    I used Spa&Deck on pine. Awesome product. Handles the CQ sun no problems.

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