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Most economical bearer size?

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    Default Most economical bearer size?

    Hey there,

    Gotta build a deck soon, its the first one where I have complete freedom to choose the size of the bearers, and joists.

    Its going to be 5 x 4 mtrs.

    Whats the most economical bearer size? I guess the less supports needed the better, as you are using less concrete and stirups.... but concrete is cheap?


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    Check with local timber yards to find the sizes that are easily available in your area; otherwise you'll rock up to get a trailerload of 'the ideal size' and you'll get either the 'naa mate, no-one stocks F17 in NNN x NN, best we have is F11 in ......" or the "(sharp whistle of indrawn breath) those are gunna be pretty expensive".
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